Sunday, 7 July 2013

5 Things To Look For In A Light Up Dog Collar

You have finally made the big decision. After some close-calls on your busy street and even that one incident with the raccoon, you have decided its time to invest in a light up dog collar to give you the best advantage at keeping both you and your pet safe at night.

While making that decision is the most important step, there are some product details you should be familiar with to make an educated purchase. Here are five key things to look for in a light up dog collar:

1. You have to be sure that the size of the collar is ideal for your pet. Some collars are adjustable with buckles and elastic while others are one size fits most. Most pet stores allow you to bring your pet. If possible, bring your pet with you to be sure of a snug fit. Remember, you should be able to only fit two fingers under the collar for a good fit.

2. Along with a proper fit, you also need to consider if the light will be seen if you have a pet with long hair. A quality light up dog collar has a guard of some sort that pushes hair aside to ensure the light can still be seen.

3. Even if your pooch doesnt have long hair, you need to be concerned about the distance and angles from which the light can be seen. The light should be seen from a mile away and from all angles, so even traffic behind you can see the light. Since visibility is the whole idea behind the purchase, this is the most critical characteristic. Most lighted collars use LED lights, which is great because they are bright and have a long life.

4. While LED lights themselves last a long time, it is key to be sure that the batteries used in the collar also have a long life. A life-saving collar that provides light is pointless with a dead battery.

5. Be sure the collar is durable. Most are built for rugged use and are water resistant. Check out the customer reviews to make sure to find the lighted collar that best fits your lifestyle.

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