Sunday, 7 July 2013

5 Things To Look For In A Light Up Dog Collar

You have finally made the big decision. After some close-calls on your busy street and even that one incident with the raccoon, you have decided its time to invest in a light up dog collar to give you the best advantage at keeping both you and your pet safe at night.

While making that decision is the most important step, there are some product details you should be familiar with to make an educated purchase. Here are five key things to look for in a light up dog collar:

1. You have to be sure that the size of the collar is ideal for your pet. Some collars are adjustable with buckles and elastic while others are one size fits most. Most pet stores allow you to bring your pet. If possible, bring your pet with you to be sure of a snug fit. Remember, you should be able to only fit two fingers under the collar for a good fit.

2. Along with a proper fit, you also need to consider if the light will be seen if you have a pet with long hair. A quality light up dog collar has a guard of some sort that pushes hair aside to ensure the light can still be seen.

3. Even if your pooch doesnt have long hair, you need to be concerned about the distance and angles from which the light can be seen. The light should be seen from a mile away and from all angles, so even traffic behind you can see the light. Since visibility is the whole idea behind the purchase, this is the most critical characteristic. Most lighted collars use LED lights, which is great because they are bright and have a long life.

4. While LED lights themselves last a long time, it is key to be sure that the batteries used in the collar also have a long life. A life-saving collar that provides light is pointless with a dead battery.

5. Be sure the collar is durable. Most are built for rugged use and are water resistant. Check out the customer reviews to make sure to find the lighted collar that best fits your lifestyle.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Dog urination

If your dog urinates when he gets excited you can easily stop submissive urination in dogs once you understand the root cause of the problem.
It is always a good idea to initially consult with your veterinarian to rule out any medical causes for submissive urination. Once ruled out, you can look to behavioral roots of the problem and proceed to stop submissive urination in your dog.
Dogs with submissive urination behavior commonly exhibit this dog behavior when :
o You walk in the door after being out for a few hours you give your dog an excited and emotional greeting
o When friends and other visitors arrive at your home
o If there is discourse or loud arguing going on
o When a dog or puppy is scolded
o If a loud noise frightens your dog such as thunder, firecrackers, tire blowout, siren or yelling.
o Young puppies and timid, frightened dogs, as well as those with dog parents who are less friendly with their pooches most frequently display submissive urination.
Submissive urination as a dog behavior is a way that your dog or puppy is telling you that you are in charge, he submits to your power and dominance, or that of another who has come to visit. Be a friend to your dog, not a tough bossy taskmaster.
8 Ways to Stop Submissive Urination in Dogs
o Warmly compliment your dog for positive behavior such as going outside to urinate
o Greet your dog calmly from a standing position. When you bend down and your dog lies down to say hi, he will be showing more submissive behavior which reinforces other behaviors of this nature such as submissive urination.
o Avoid direct eye to eye contact when you first see your dog upon returning home. This can be intimidating to a timid pooch and precipitate submissive behavior.
o Don't grab and hug your dog when you walk into a room where submissive urination has occurred. Once again, a shy pup may see this as an act of dominance and the result will be submissive urination.
o If submissive urination occurs at a specific time, such as before sleeping, or just before you go out, try limiting your dog's water drinking at that time. Be careful not to deprive your dog's water access for more than just a very short period of time as water is essential to his well being.
o Don't make a big deal out of your return home. The excitement in your voice and greeting can be a signal to your dog that he should submit to your entrance and respond with submissive urination. Enter the room calmly and without fanfare. Just let your dog come to you. He will relax once he knows this is not a time for him to respond to dominant behavior by submissive urination
o Join a group dog training class. Submissive urination is not a house training issue. By helping your develop other behaviors such as responding to basic commands of sit, stay, come, fetch and others you will be reinforcing positive behaviors and can then divert your dog from submissive urination when that moment occurs.
o Never scold or punish your dog who is displaying submissive urination behavior. This will only reinforce the behavior and in the case of punishment can be inhumane and unlawful as well. Just say "NO", in the popular vernacular of many anti drug use advocates. Do this in a firm but calm voice each time.
You and your dog will achieve greater success and harmony and stop submissive urination in the process.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Dog Collars.

 Buck is going to love these new dog collars I found. You see, Buck is our best friend and I am sure he will love the dog collars dog owners love to use for style. There are so many to choose from, but. training
Buck is going to love these new dog collars I found. You see Buck is our best friend and I am sure he will love the dog collars that we dog owners love. There are so many to choose from but a Martingale dog collar lets your dog be unique in these designer dog collars. They have a style for every dog. Dog collars and leaches are made from leather or nylon with a harness or without in sizes ranging from tiny for toys to huge for the Great Dane.

It is fun being able to choose options of fashion and style in collars options that make a statement for your pet and you as an owner. Everyone likes to make a statement whether they have a leather dog collar or nylon dog collars. Designer dog collars is a way to make the statement that you love your pet and care what martingale dog collar fashion they wear.

Not only is fashion a choice but it is amazing how many types of dog collars are available a dog harness used for training adjustable collars to grow with your dog and the list price is something else to compare and consider. It is fun to be out around the town sporting a leather dog collar on your pet. It gives you a sense of ownership that lets everyone know you have class. A Martingale collar plays into your passion and gives you a way to choose options that dog owners love to use.

When Buck is sporting his leather dog collar I know he is very comfortable. It is nice to see Buck in dog collars that will not make him uncomfortable and feisty. He sometimes sports nylon dog collars attire as well. It gives Buck the freedom he needs. Using dog collars is important for dog owners. They rely on the use a dog leash and collars to walk around town or play in the park.

It is fascinating to know that most dog owners want their pets to be comfortable fashionable and wear dog collars that give you the choice of fashion. I am not different and Martingale collar does deliver those features to you. As an owner of a dog I want to know that my choice for designer dog collars will give me the ability to choose style that makes my dog look and feel great. I get to choose options of nylon or leather dog collar designs. I also know that I have made a fabulous choice for my pet around the home when I attach a dog leash onto the Martingale collar Buck is wearing.

Not only do dog collars help you walk your best friend but they help give you something that shows your pet's personality and that you love them. Nylon dog collars and leather dog collars are both good choices. Whether it is a plaid martingale collar or other designer dog collars you will be pleased with your choice as you dress your dog in style. Martingale dog collars give you an optimal advantage over others as you choose and compare what is available for your pet. I know Buck is happy with my choice of dog collars.

Sometimes the most creative and talented do come out on top. I am one of these people.

When Buck is sporting his leather dog collar I know he is very comfortable because of the choices with style padding 2px and style padding 5px. It is fun to see Buck.